Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oriental Green Jade Bracelet

Can't help it but the green really reminds me of something oriental and traditional, lol. 
Here is the ...

 Oriental Jade Green Bracelet - RM 25

Cherry Blossom Bracelet

Here is another creation, known as ...

This sweet pink and pearl is CHERRY BLOSSOM Bracelet - RM 25

Back On The Wheels - June 2013

After the long hiatus, Kinshuu is now up and running again. There have been changes but please bear with some of the kinks should you come across. In the mean time, here are some new creations. If you want to order, simply go to the page ORDER or drop me a note via email or FB(erm click on the Facebook icon above, yea), aights?


Here's the hot pink and purple. MAUVE Bracelet - RM 25

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello 2013 Handmade Jewelry Edition

Chunky Blue Wood Bracelet - RM 20

Filigree Deepsea Earrings - RM 7

Red Pebbles - RM 8

And for some hand drawn earrings made from plastic, ink and acrylic paint

Hot Pink Daisy - RM 6
(around 50 sen size)

Transparent Daisy - RM 6

Rapunzel Curls - RM 8 
(1 and half size of the 50 sen coin)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Earrings And Bracelets October 2012

Lots of blues in October. Here's the new batch of earrings and bracelets.

Click on the image for larger view. To order, send an email to kinshuucraft [@] or use the form on the left side.

CODE: BRC01-102012
RM 25

* * *

CODE: ERG1-102012
RM 7

* * * 

CODE: ERG2-102012
RM 7

* * * 

CODE: ERG3-102012
RM 6

* * *

CODE: ERG4-102012
RM 7

* * *

CODE: ERG5-102012
RM 7

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Earrings And Handmades Sept 2012

Here are the new batch of items for Sept 2012. If you came here from our newsletter. Thank you!
Do check out below and click on the image for larger view.
(for SGD, divide RM amount by half)

* * *

Left: Blue Cat Eyes Longhoop - RM 6
Right: Deep Sea Longhoop - RM 7

Left: Glass Blue Flower Longhoop - RM 7
Right : Purple Cat Eyes Longhoop - RM 6


Left: Simple Blue Cat Eyes Earrings - RM 6
Right: Clear Pink Quartz Earrings - RM 7

Left: Simple Purple Cat Eyes Earrings - RM6
Right: Three Suns Earrings - RM 7

Left: Porcelain Purple Cat Eyes Earrings - RM 7
Right: Porcelain Pearl Earrings - RM 7